My Spiritual Junkyard

Yesterday I noticed for the first time that I have a spiritual junkyard. How on earth could I have missed it? It’s huge — and filled with the most astonishing detritus. Many (maybe all) of its relics are my memories of various spiritual teachers. Most are in surprisingly good condition — fender benders, ready to resuscitate with presumably very little […]

Nelson Mandela: A Father’s Day Sermon

Nelson Mandela is one of my only heroes. On Father’s Day 2014, it was my privilege to share memories of southern Africa in the early 1960’s and why Madiba means so much to me.

June: a Month for Forgiveness

Each month this year, I’ve focused on a topic. One was tapping into creativity — another self-compassion. This month (at last) it’s forgiveness. I’ve been surprisingly motivated to make this my topic. It began in April when I bought Mpho and Desmond Tutu’s new release, The Book of Forgiving. From the moment I picked it up and […]

New Site Look-and-Feel

In my other life (the majority of my life actually), I’m a front end Web developer. I adore the Web. It makes me happy whenever I’m building websites. Today I decided to switch this site to a new alpha version of a WordPress theme I’m developing.